Peacock Chair Hire

Elegant Cane Peacock Chairs

Great for Bridal showers, Engagements, Christenings and Hens Nights

Overnight Hire

Peacock Chair Hire

We have a beautiful range of Peacock Chairs for hire for your wedding, engagement party, hen night, baby shower, formal or any other special event you may have.

Several peacock chair styles are available or customise your own style.

Overnight Hire

Our Peacock chairs are available for overnight hire, we deliver Melbourne wide or you can pick up the peacock chair yourself.

Originating from Southeast Asia, peacock chairs came into vogue during the Victorian era. Given their name for their fanned-out, intricately woven and stately back, they are made to evoke the bird’s plume.

Peacock chairs became a staple in photography parlours and were later adopted by Hollywood. Their retro glamour is clear when you look at old-timey photos of a lush Brigitte Bardot, an elegant Elizabeth Taylor and a young Katharine Hepburn proudly perched on one. Like the male peacock, these showy specimens were made to be seen.

Peacock Chairs are perfect for events where you need to stand out from the crowd.

Lately, peacock chairs are most popular for bridal showers, kitchen tea parties, engagements, birthdays, book launches and events where you need to be the centre of attention.

We have plenty of these in stock to hire – contact us today to add that special touch to your event.

White peacock chairs and green flower wall